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A place where you can:
• Learn how alcohol and other drugs hurt everyone in a family
• Learn how to feel safer and less stressed out
• Find new ways to deal with hassles at home
• Find hope, even if your parents don’t change

For LiL Readers

A novel for tweens about friendship, family drama and hope.

Operation Cool

Some of our favorites written by:

Dr. Tian Dayton

What I Have Learned as an ACOA

Resilience, Recovery and Optimism

Denial in Addicted Family Systems

Growing Up with Toxic Stress or Addiction and Its Long-Term Impact:


Jody Lamb

7 things children of alcoholics should know

When your family ignores problems, it’s your cue to break the cycle

Every Step Counts

Lisa A. Romano

Adult Child of Alcoholic – Love Addict – Codependent Taking You Beyond 12 Step Programs

Shouting Inside Blog

Missed My Childhood to Play Parent

Fearful of the Next Moment

Redonna Chandler: What is addiction and why can’t addicts “just quit”?

For Those Seeking Treatment:

Children of Alcoholics:

How to Help When a Parent Has a Problem


Turning Point Addiction and Recovery Services specializes in evaluating your loved one and placing them in the most ideal Addiction Rehab Treatment Center that will get the best results and outcome. Their team of addiction, mental health and recovery experts are ready to help you with one of the most important decisions of your life—the healthy, safety and welfare — of your loved one.

Family Members:

Free Mini Course on Coping with Alcoholics:
ACE Study
The Health and Social Impact of Growing Up With Alcohol Abuse and Related Adverse Childhood Experiences: The Human and Economic Costs of the Status Quo. Robert Anda, MD, MS, is a member of NACoA’s Board of Scientific Advisors.

If you’re considering harming yourself, please know that there is ALWAYS help available just for YOU.